2016 Ballot Results

The membership voted at the annual meeting on November 3.  New board members were elected and a bylaws change was approved.

Thank you to the outgoing board members for your years of dedicated service.

Congratulations to the newly elected boad members:

  • Michelle West
  • Chris Davies
  • Nulty Lynch
  • Kevin Reese (re-elected)

The proposed bylaw change was also approved:

To amend bylaw Article IV Section 1, by adding the bolded sentence:

Board of Directors shall be limited to active adult members of the member family units. Only one (1) adult member, sharing the same membership number as others, may serve on the Board of Directors at any given time. The number of directors, which shall constitute the whole Board, shall be nine (9), who shall, upon election, serve until the January meeting of the directors that follows the second anniversary of their election to the Board. At each successive annual meeting of the members, directors shall be elected to fill the vacancies on the Board.