2020 Pre-Season Message #2

Dear OMSC Members,
We hope this letter finds you safe and well during these challenging times. Right now, we know there are many questions related to the Summer 2020 season and the ability to open the pool for all members.
Please know that we keep our communities’ interests at the forefront at all times when making decisions about the operations of the pool. We are truly all in this together.
We are currently operating in a business as usual plan in the event that the state and county allow private pools to open Memorial Day weekend. Our pool management company, Georgetown Aquatics, is undertaking all normal efforts to ensure timely openings at all of the pools they manage. These efforts include maintenance, filling pools with water, holding inspections and many other pre-season duties. Additionally, annual landscaping for the property will also begin soon. Therefore, there will be expenses incurred that will need to be covered until any further decisions about the opening of the pool are determined by the government.  If these tasks are not done, the pool would not be in condition and readiness to open once the Health departments gets approval to open. All of these operational costs are taken into consideration when it comes to budgeting and the collection of dues that are paid by members every season.
Our social season planning has already begun and we have a full schedule prepared for the summer.  We have the best interest at heart for a healthy fun season!
The pool board has already decided to waive the final late fees that would normally be collected starting in April. As of right now, we are still accepting dues until further decisions have been made. We will reach out with information via email, social media and our website as soon as any determination is made on the opening of community pools.
Thank you for your patience as we all continue to work towards a resolution of our current situation. Stay positive and please stay safe!
The OMSC Board of Directors