Emergency Update - June 30, 2020

On Tuesday, a formal complaint was filed with the Health Department by an OMSC MEMBER who was upset that social distancing policies were not being followed. An inspector from the department visited the pool today and met with our management company. The inspector recommended that we lower our pool capacity numbers, even though we are currently running lower than our allowed capacity under the county regulations.

Starting Wednesday July 1, we will be returning to a maximum capacity of 100 patrons per session. The first 100 people that have signed up for Wednesday and Thursday sessions will remain on the SignUpGenius reservation and the remaining people will be removed and not be allowed to attend. This is the only fair way to handle this.

OMSC was one of the first pools in the area to open and the Board of Directors has worked tirelessly to make that happen. We have complied with every regulation necessary to open the pool. We opened WAY UNDER capacity guidelines. In order to avoid shutting down for the entire summer, members will need to adhere to the 6’0” social distancing restrictions (ON THE GROUNDS and IN THE WATER - including along the wall in the shallow end and the wading area). Family members should maintain distance in the pool because staff and other members cannot tell who is family. THIS IS WHAT THE INSPECTOR SAID BECAUSE OF THE COMPLAINT.

You must wear a mask at all times unless you are in the pool or at your table. No exceptions! Most importantly, DO NOT CONGREGATE in large groups and just use common sense.

If the health department receives another complaint, we will be shut down and no refunds will be issued. If any member has a problem with anyone not following the guidelines, please seek out the manager on duty or ask if there is a board member present. There will be repercussions if members do not adhere to these rules.

We are sorry that it has come to this point after being open for only a week and a half. We understand people will be upset but we need to work together so that we can all enjoy the pool for the entire summer.