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Pool house update - May 2, 2015

Interior is being painted.  Tile is being installed.  Windows and doors have been installed.


Pool house update - April 22, 2015

Walls are now covered with wallboard.

Pool house update - April 2015

Framing and plumbing are now going in.




Pool house update - March 21, 2015

In spite of the bad weather, the project is moving along.  This week, construction on the bump-outs began.

Pool house update - March 16, 2015

The new floor was poured today.  The lumber will be dropped off tomorrow and build out will start on Wednesday


Pool house update - March 12, 2015

Great News!  Inspection was passed on the pipe/plumbing changes for the pool house. 

Board Meeting Minutes 3-5-2015

Minutes from the March 5, 2015 board of directors meeting are attached.

Board Actions March 2015

Thank you so much for input on our proposal for two bylaw changes.  We got a good amount of responses through absentee voting.  Bylaw change #1 for the removal of the differentiation between "In Mill" , and "Out of Mill", was a tied vote so that change did not

Pool house update - March 2015

The builder has completed the layout of the pipes on the woman's side and is ready for inspection, we have two more days of work on the Men's side and they we will have the inspectors come in, and then we will move to the next step to lay down the floor.  We are on track to complete in time for our season opening.

Online Dues Payments Now Available

We are pleased to offer online membership dues payment for the 2015 season.  To pay your dues online via PayPal, click the link in the "Payments" block on the home page.