Opening Weekend 2020 Update

Thanks to everyone for a memorable opening weekend to the summer season! Many members were excited to get back to the pool, reconnect with familiar faces and enjoy being outside. The weather didn’t cooperate with our first session Saturday but all other sessions were great.
As mentioned, we are monitoring all of the decisions and procedures involved in the day to day operations of the pool. We understand there’s no ideal way to open with the restrictions we are dealing with but our goal was to open as soon as possible rather than wait a few weeks like most local pools are doing. As a result we’d like to detail some changes we are implementing:
No-Shows – If you reserve a session and decide not to come to the pool, you are keeping another family from attending. You must edit your reservation to open your spot up. Similarly, if you signed up for more people than you plan to bring, please adjust your head count so that someone else can use the pool. It’s easy to edit on SignUpGenius even if you do not have an account. You are responsible for making sure your head count is accurate!!

Additional Capacity – We are planning to increase our allotted capacity to 120 total spots per session starting Thursday June 25th. The additional 20 spots per session will be opened up for reservations starting at 9am 48 hours before the day of the session. For example, all of Thursday’s sessions will open new spots starting at 9am on Tuesday. Friday’s sessions will open new spots starting at 9am on Wednesday. Hopefully this will help more people easily reserve.
Adult Swim – We are adding an adult swim time back into the schedule ONCE per 3-hour session. The whistle will be blown at 12:40pm, 3:40pm and 7:40pm for a 20 MINUTE adults-only swim. Children will be allowed back in the pool when the guards blow the whistles after 20 minutes. Please monitor your children as they are outside the pool and help enforce social distancing and mask usage! Additionally, there will be a final adult swim at 8:45pm for the last 15 minutes of every night.
Member Splash – As mentioned, we will be rolling out a new membership management system soon. With this system members will be able to upload photos, receive communications and reserve session time. There will be stricter limits to the amount of sessions you can reserve and we will also release one day’s reservations at a time. There will be an automatic email generated from the system to let you know when the platform is active. Keep an eye on your email, the website and Facebook for more information in the coming days.
New Features – A new propane grill was bought and has been added to the far side of the property near the pavilion. It is for members only and you must bring your own food and utensils. Please help to clean up after usage so the next family can enjoy it. Additionally, we have added new LED lights to the pavilion.
Lost & Found – There is a large number of items already in the lost and found. We do not want to hold on to items due to Covid-19 so if you are missing something please come to the front desk ASAP. Please be responsible for all of the items you bring in every time you visit.
We thank everyone for keeping safety in mind when visiting the pool. There are plenty of signs posted with guidance and there is a link to the county guidelines on the website.
We also would like to thank you for your patience as we adjust to the new restrictions. Our pool is only as good as the people in our community and we all need to work together to have an enjoyable summer.
Thank You!
Olney Mill Swim Club Board of Directors