Pool House Update - September 2014

The Renovation Committee met on September 26th, 2014.

Those in attendance were, Elizabeth Carroll, Gary Frace, Frank Kalbacher, and Steven Ornstein. With review in the attached plans, we have come to the following thoughts to present the architect and the builder.

Front Desk

May move forward towards entrance.

This will enable more office space for the guards, concession and swim team (during swim meets).

Taper the desk width in-this will enable easier access into the building with wheelchairs and strollers.

Women’s Handicap Shower

Since the handicap area is so large, we are considering the possibility of putting the handicap shower in there as well. This will be much easier for someone to shower and dress in the same place.

The plans show back access for the opening pattern for the doors to the men’s and women’s rooms to be reserved. We feel they are better in with the current pattern (changing them will hinder the visibility of the back windows (site ones) in the guard office.

Back  Entrance (women’s side)

The passage wall to the back door (L-shaped) would be shortened approximately 50% for easier stroller-wheelchair access.

Other items discussed were ceiling fans as well as shelves in women’s (plus men’s possibly) shower stalls.

We will keep everyone updated with progress as it develops.


Thank you,

Steve Ornstein