Update - May 22, 2020

We hope that our members are safe and healthy at this time. We have been closely watching what feels like daily press releases from Montgomery County Government, CDC and the State of Maryland. With opening day supposed to be this upcoming Memorial Day weekend, we are disappointed to announce that OMSC will not be opening this weekend due to the COVID-19 restrictions. These restrictions are for the health and safety of our membership and employees.   
OMSC is, however, following the Department of Health and Human Services Licensure & Regulatory recommendations to: 
  • Continue with all pre-opening maintenance and repairs
  • Review prevention practices such as handwashing, covering coughs and sneezes, wearing of face coverings and space modifications to ensure physical distancing  
  • Review new procedures such as limiting the number of people admitted into the pool, closure of some pool features, ensuring members maintain physical distancing of at least six feet on the pool deck and requesting that people bring their own pool chairs   
 Opening a pool requires time and funding. We have been preparing the pool in hopes that it could be opening for all to enjoy. Our maintenance partners are working to get the rest of the facilities cleaned and manicured for the members to enjoy once we do open. The pool’s upkeep can’t stop, even in a pandemic.   
At this time it is uncertain still if the pool will open at a later date this summer or even at all, unfortunately. That being said, expenses have and will continue to occur. Several members have raised concerns about paying dues for a shortened season and asking what will happen if OMSC cannot open. These are fair questions. Like all community pools, whether or not we open for the season, we will incur significant expenses, including property taxes, loan payments, insurance, utilities, grounds upkeep, and maintenance. Cleaning and conditioning the pool are necessary to ensure the long-term viability of the pool itself. These costs will be shared by the entire membership. If we are forced to limit the club’s operations this summer, we expect that there may be a reduction in expenses, which could result in some cost savings. Those savings, however, are relatively small when matched up against the overall operating budget. Accordingly, we will not be able to determine how to best handle those potential savings until the end of the season. We are a community pool that is here to serve our members. The sole goal of the Board of Directors is to do right by our membership. 
The membership registration deadline was extended and the second late fee was waived.  We are asking that all members who have been holding off provide a response by June 1st. Members who have been on the fence will need to provide full payment of the dues or provide OMSC with their termination. Upon termination, their bond request will be placed at the end of the bond return wait list. If a member who has not paid yet decides after the June 1st deadline that they want to continue with their membership, they will need to pay the two late fees to be up to date. Letters will be delivered to these members with option and payment amounts.     
A HUGE thank you to those who have already paid! We recognize that the current circumstance has created financial hardships and we understand each membership is different.  We also hope that you understand that this is unprecedented. Please continue to be patient and hope that we will be able to resume our opening. If the pool cannot open this summer, a credit for 2021 membership dues will be applied to your account, after deducting the final operating cost for the summer of 2020. Below you can see what expenses have occurred and which will still be required to be paid if the pool doesn’t open.   
Insurance  $15,000
Loan repayment (Upgrades to pool house) $2,000 a month
Opening costs and repairs $17,000
Taxes $3,600
Administrative costs (mailings, paper, etc.) $1,700
Operating costs (minimum, until open) $775 a week

Additionally, the pool is responsible for landscaping, utilities, and other miscellaneous costs that add up over the course of a calendar year. 
Please note that all members who stay members will earn advantage points. We are expecting that next year we will need to increase dues to cover losses from this year. Loyal members will not have their dues increased and will stay at the $525 rate. For members who have paid or have been waiting to pay - and determine that they want to quit - please note that they will be subject to a dues increase.     We do know that OMSC is a community pool that has the best members in Montgomery County. We need your support so that we can serve you. We have every intention of opening the pool when it is deemed safe for our members. We will continue to monitor and communicate with the membership as information is provided. We look forward to the day in which we can all go to the pool and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Be safe, be well and we really hope to see you all soon.   
Please see most recent link to county pool opening information.   https://www2.montgomerycountymd.gov/mcgportalapps/Press_Detail.aspx?Item_ID=25331
The CDC has also issued an interesting view on how a pool might be able to operate once it is open, as many guidelines will need to happen.
The MSCL Board has also released a statement regarding the cancellation of swim team competitions.   http://mcsl.org